Alumni Awards Ceremony at EMBL Lab Day plus more

Friday 22nd July 2016



13:00-14:00: Lunch with Alumni Association Board members

Meet EMBL Alumni Association board members, John Kendrew & Lennart Philipson award recipients and presenters as well as a cross section of EMBL alumni. Join us at the reserved alumni tables in the canteen, and don't forget your EMBL lunch cards!


14:00-16:00: Dedicated alumni talks and discussions

Alumni Freddy Frischknecht (Professor, University of Heidelberg) and Rosie Maccagnano (GeoSciences Research Support Services Manager, Edinburgh University) will host an informal gathering of EMBL alumni with short talks and panel discussions. See agenda.


16:00-18:00: Alumni Awards Ceremony

Celebrate achievements of alumni Jop Kind (Group Leader, Hubrecht Institute) and Ernst Stelzer (Professor, Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences), as they receive the 2016 John Kendrew and Lennart Philipson Awards from alumni presenters Andreas Ladurner (Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität) and Pavel Tomancak (Group Leader, MPI-CBG). Master of Ceremonies: Des Higgins.


18:00-19:00: Drinks reception

Experience and enjoy the EMBL Lab Day posters, films and challenges (fun and serious) together with EMBL alumni and staff from all sites.


19:00-late: Lab Day Dinner and Party

Join the EMBL community at the annual Lab Day dinner and party.

Don't miss the 2017 EMBL Lab Day: Friday 21st July!