To actively promote its culture of equality and diversity, EMBL has established an Equality and Diversity Committee. The committee generates discussion, raises awareness about equality and diversity issues inside and outside of EMBL, and contributes to develop policy and strategy in order to:

  • foster an environment that values and supports equality and diversity
  • achieve equality and diversity among its hires
  • effectively communicate its gender position internally and externally
  • prepare its personnel to act as role models in an equal and diverse research environment, within and beyond EMBL
  • measure the effectiveness of its efforts to promote equality.

The EDC has been very active in supporting several activities related to gender in science, supporting Women in Science and the EMBL LGBTQ+ community.  Our current activities include developing (1) EMBL’s Equality and Diversity Strategy (2) the LEAP programme, and (3) working towards becoming Global Stonewall Diversity Champions in partnership with the Stonewall organisation. We will work together with Stonewall to integrate diversity and LGBTQ+ inclusion into all parts of the organisation, from areas such as policy review, recruitment, training, and also by providing support to all our staff. 

Composition of the Committee

EDC meeting schedule