PRBB in Barcelona, Spain (Credit: Ferran Mateo / PRBB)

Aerial view of the PRBB campus in Barcelona, Spain (Credit: Ferran Mateo / PRBB)

Scientists at EMBL Barcelona explore how tissues and organs function and develop, in health and disease. Alongside cutting-edge research, the site hosts state-of-the-art imaging facilities, enabling scientists worldwide to access microscopy and modelling technologies specifically designed for studying tissues.

Researchers in the Unit investigate questions like:

  • How do molecular and genetic networks ultimately build, regulate and control tissues and organs?
  • How do changes in genes percolate through cells, tissues and organs to result in disease?

This new site is hosted in the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), one of the largest infrastructures in Southern Europe dedicated to translational research. In this highly collaborative, interdisciplinary and international environment, EMBL researchers benefit from a partnership with the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and opportunities for collaboration with other pioneering research institutes, both on campus and in the region. Perched on the Barcelona seafront, and within walking distance of the city’s iconic architecture, the site is bathed in the energy of this bustling, creative metropolis.

EMBL Barcelona signing ceremony (Credit: Ivan Paulick)

Left to right: Patrick Cramer (Chair, EMBL Council), Jordi Baiget Cantons (Minister of Business and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia), Luis de Guindos (Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, Spain), Iain Mattaj (Director-General, EMBL), Carmen Vela (Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Spain), Jordi Camí (General Director, PRBB), Juan María Vázquez Rojas (General Secretary of Science and Innovation, Spain), Luis Serrano (Director, CRG) (Credit: Ivan Paulick)

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View of the PRBB campus in Barcelona, Spain (Credit: Ferran Mateo / PRBB)