Born and educated in Britain, Denise Barlow obtained a PhD in the area of Mouse Developmental Biology at Warwick University in 1981. She continued to train in mouse developmental genetics, firstly with Dr. Brigid Hogan (ICRF, London), then with Dr. Hans Lehrach (EMBL, Heidelberg). She was appointed as a Group Leader in 1988 to study the phenomenon of Genomic Imprinting (a special form of gene regulation) initially at the IMP, Vienna, then at the NKI, Amsterdam, and more recently at the IMB, Salzburg. Her research group identified one of the first described imprinted mammalian genes and has also uncovered many details of the imprinting mechanism. Appointed an EMBO member in 1995. She has a strong interest in the relationship between scientists and society and since 1998 has served on the EMBO Science and Society Committee (appointed Chair of this committee since 2002).