The Centre for Bioimage Analysis (CBA) supports scientists in extracting quantitative information from images acquired with light- or electron-microscopy.

Support is provided on various aspects of image analysis, such as

  • image data handling
  • quantitative image interpretation and visualisation
  • image registration
  • object segmentation and tracking
  • morphological and intensity quantifications.

The CBA closely collaborates with the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility and the Electron Microscopy Core Facility in order to ensure optimal image acquisition modalities for downstream quantitative analysis.

Together with ALMF, EMCF and EMBL’s IT department, the CBA provides access to dedicated image analysis software, running on high-performance virtual workstations and the high performance compute cluster.

In addition to project specific consultancy, the CBA also offers regular courses on image analysis and software packages such as ImageJ, CellProfiler and Imaris.

Finally, for bioimage analysts spread across EMBL research units, the CBA serves as a platform to share developments, exchange expertise, and learn about advances and new approaches in computational image analysis.


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