Synchrotron Instrumentation for structural biology

Research carried out at the EMBL Hamburg Unit utilizes the extremely brilliant Synchrotron radiation X-ray intensity produced by particle accelerators at DESY for structural investigations in biology. Experiments are carried out in Small angle solution scattering (SAXS) and X-ray crystallography (PX).

Each of these methods has specific instrumentation needs and our groups design, construct, build and commission the appropriate equipment. Our activities include mechanical engineering, vacuum technology, X-ray optics, data acquisition and control electronics and software. Because of the wide spectrum of skills and competences required our group members include physicists, mechanical, electronic and software engineers as well as skilled technicians in these fields.

EMBL is building and will operate three beamlines on one of the world leading synchrotron radiation sources, PETRA III. In this context major challenges and opportunities in the field of beamline instrumentation, sample handling, control electronics and software have to be mastered.

Fiedler Team

Selected publications

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