Christian Boulin

"Christian demonstrated an unselfish commitment to EMBL and its many activities, and symbolised the collaborative, good-humoured spirit that distinguishes the Laboratory."
– Iain Mattaj, former EMBL Director General

Christian Boulin

Christian Boulin, Director of Core Facilities and Services, was one of EMBL’s longest-serving members. His open-mindedness paired with intellectual curiosity was at the heart of many successful collaborations and under his leadership the EMBL Core Facilities developed into what they are today: top-class facilities enabling hundreds of scientists per year to achieve ambitious research goals. More about Christian >

The Fellowship

To honour Christian Boulin’s contribution to the infrastructure of European life sciences and the relationships that he helped to bring about in his 38 years of service, EMBL launches the Christian Boulin Fellowships.

From January 2015, 10 to 15 awards of up to 1500 Euro each will be bestowed through the Christian Boulin Fellowship programme. The Fellowships will support travel and accommodation costs of young scientists visiting EMBL Core Facilities at the different EMBL sites, to learn and use the latest scientific techniques and thus advance their ambitious research projects.

This new initiative will also help to build bridges between industry and users of the multiple cutting-edge technologies available at the Laboratory, and is made possible thanks to generous support of EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme >


Christian Boulin Fellowships are open to applicants from all EMBL member states, associate and prospect member states >

How to apply

Applications can be submitted any time and will be assessed in a timely manner.

  • Contact the relevant Core Facility or site (EMBL BarcelonaEMBL GrenobleEMBL HamburgEMBL-EBI Hinxton or EMBL Rome) to apply for a visit and discuss the feasibility of the project.
  • In case of positive evaluation, submit the following to
    • Supporting statement from head of Facility, confirming feasibility and access
    • Up to 1000-word overview of your project – including a brief explanatory statement demonstrating financial need and detailing provisional costs (travel and accommodation only, excluding salary, special consumables, etc)
    • Short CV
    • Supporting statement from supervisor at your home institution
    • Please indicate the planned duration of your visit