Career Day

Organised by EICAT (PhD and Postdoctoral Programmes) together with EMBLEM, the long-standing annual EMBL Career Day provides an overview of non-academic career possibilities for scientists from all EMBL sites and the local scientific community. 

A new event, the EMBL Academic Career Day, was also planned for 2020.

In 2020, these events have been converted into a webinar series covering both academic and non-academic careers

Upcoming webinars

  • Making the transition to a group leader role | 24 July 11:00-12:00 CEST | registration open
    • Panelists: Sophie Acton, MRC LMCB, UK; Maria Bernabeu, EMBL, Spain; Sebastian Waszak, Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM) | See further details below
  • How to choose a postdoc position | 11 Sep 11:00-12:00 CEST | registration open
    • Panelists: Mariana De Niz, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Portugal; Kristina Havas-Cavalletti, IFOM, Italy; Brooke Morriswood, University of Würzburg, Germany.
  • Careers in technology transfer and intellectual property | 25 Sep
    • Speakers: Alexandra Esteras-Chopo, LifeArc, plus TBC
  • Non-PI tracks in academic research | 16 Oct
    • Speakers Yasemin Türkyilmaz-van der Velden, TU Delft; plus TBC
  • Careers in science communication | 30 Oct
    • Speakers: Lucas Sanchez, Scienseed, Spain; plus TBC
  • Applying to postdoc fellowships | 13 Nov
    • Panelists: Barbara Pauly, Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP); Luca Scorrano, Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine ;  plus TBC. Chaired by EMBL Grants Services.
  • Careers in science policy | 27 Nov
    • Speakers: James Morris, Science Europe; plus TBC
  • Applying to group leader positions | 4 Dec | registration open
    • Panelists: Mónica Bettencourt-Dias, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência; Jason Chin, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology; Patrick Meraldi, Université de Genève


EMBL Careers Webinars are free of charge and open to participants from EMBL and from other institutions. All participants must register for each webinar. Please see the links above to register for upcoming webinars (registration for autumn webinars will open closer to the time).

Additional opportunities for EMBL Fellows

For researchers from EMBL, an additional internal webinar will be offered on 16th July. Details of this webinar can be found on the internal webpages of the EMBL Fellows' Career Service here.

EMBL fellows also have priority to attend an exclusive meet the speaker discussion following each webinar.

Previous webinars

  • Careers in pharma & biotech R&D | 3 July 11:00-12:20 CEST 
    • Speakers: Tamara Maes, Oryzon Genomics, Spain & Iris Valtingojer, Sanofi, France 

Next webinar | Making the transition to a group leader role | 24 July 11:00-12:00 CEST

Our second webinar is aimed at early career life scientists who are interested in becoming research group leaders. Our three speakers - junior group leaders based at MRC LMCB (UK), Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway, and EMBL Barcelona - will share a short overview of their own experience of moving into a group leader role and their personal advice on preparing for this. To watch this webinar, please register


Sophie Acton is a junior group leader / CRUK Fellow at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology in London, UK. Her lab works on the communication between different cell types of the immune system, specifically the mechanisms controlling cellular trafficking, multicellular organization and lymphoid organ architecture. Before establishing her group, she completed two postdocs: one at  Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School, and one at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. She received her PhD in Biochemistry from University College London. 


Maria Bernabeu is a group leader at EMBL Barcelona since October 2019.  Her lab aims to understand the mechanisms that lead to vascular dysfunction in cerebral malaria by developing new in vitro models of the human blood-brain barrier. She completed her PhD at ISGlobal/Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, where she work on Plasmodium vivax , and a postdoc working on malaria parthenogenesis and in vitro vascular engineering at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Seattle, USA.


Sebastian Waszak recently established the Computational Oncology group at the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), a biomedical research centre and the Norwegian node of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. Sebastian is a computational biologist with an interest in cancer genomics, systems genetics, and rare disease genetics. His lab works on precision medicine for young people with cancer. He completed his postdoc at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany and received his PhD from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL), Switzerland.